There's two options to let you connect your mobile phone, which lets you accept and listen to calls or play music from your through the RØDECaster interface.

Using a cable

You’ll need to use your own AUX cable to connect your phone to the AUX input at the back of the interface.

  • Before adjusting the volume fader under the mobile icon, make sure you turn the media volume up on your mobile.
  • Adjust the volume on the interface to your desired level

Using Bluetooth

If you don’t have an AUX cable, use the Bluetooth feature.

  • Hold down the Bluetooth button underneath the REC button for three seconds then release
  • Select yes and wait for the screen to the right to appear
  • You’ll then need to go to the Bluetooth settings on your phone to select the RØDECaster Pro as the device to pair
  • Confirmation of connection will appear on the touchscreen